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The Skin is your body's largest organ!
It's alive, and it is capable of doing incredible things for you.  It protects you from the sun and weather and dangerous substances, and it helps you fight diseases and infection.  Like anything alive, it needs to be handled with care.  When you take care of your skin, it takes care of you.
This website was designed to give you an appreciation for the skin, teach you how to take care of it, and educate you about skin cancer, the most common cancer one can have.
Skin Structure and Function
Effects of Time and Sunlight on the Skin
10 Beauty Myths That Won't Quit
Simple Guidelines to Protect You From the Sun
Actinic Keratosis: The Most Common Pre-cancer
Skin Cancer: Detection and Prevention
Dermatology Links
Advanced Dermatology: Leaders in Skin Care
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